Useful links and contacts

Here are some links and contact details for other useful agencies that might be able to offer you help and support with whatever you need:


Wycombe General Hospital  
 01494 526161


Stoke Mandeville Hospital 
    01296 315000


0800 970 9952

Supporting the victims of  
  Rape and sexual assault

 0344 2451289


0845 643 2873

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Support with any information
   and advice needed

(High Wycombe CAB) 
    0344 4994108  

 Help and support for
   refugee families.

01494 463364

 0808 8081677

     01296 427973

(Outreach) - 01296 437777
(Refuge) - 01296 436827

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Mental Health support

Providing support & advice
  for victims of violence, 
  forced marriage and FGM.

Help & support when
  someone dies.

Relationship support.

Providing help & support
  when in a crisis.

Help, advice & support for women
  experiencing abuse & violence 
      in any form.

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Support, counselling and information for women survivors of sexual violence

which includes rape, sexual assault and childhood sexual abuse.


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