Rape Crisis (Wycombe, Chilterns, & South Bucks) Services

At Rape Crisis (W, C & SB) we try to do all we can to support women in crisis who contact us. Whether its face to face counselling, someone to go with you to a medical appointment, information and advice or support with going to the police, we are here for you. We will never tell you what to do but we listen, believe and support you. 

             We Offer:

  • Face to face counselling with women counsellors.

  • Telephone and online support and counselling.

  • Phoenix - Our self-help/support group for survivors.

  • Support and information about going to the police and the court process from our fully trained ISVA's (Independent Sexual Violence Advisors) if that is what you choose to do. 

  • Information on pregnancy testing and sexually transmitted infections, including HIV, plus we can accompany you to appointments.

  • Details of local groups and agencies who can offer additional information and support.

  • Support for applications to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority.

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Support, counselling and information for women survivors of sexual violence

which includes rape, sexual assault and childhood sexual abuse.


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