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Befriending is a service in which a trained volunteer will become a regular ally to you in a different way to a counsellor or support group. A befriender will respect you, listen and make time for you, give you advice and support; a friendly face to get you out and about and cheer you on. Most importantly they are another person that is on your side!


ISVA service

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ISVA's are Independent Sexual Violence Advisors that will discuss with you your support needs and can help you to access all of the services that we have to offer. An ISVA will also talk through with you all of the factors and issues about reporting, and can support you whether or not you decide to report to the police. If you do decide to report to the police the ISVA will also keep you informed and in some cases can accompany you through the process if this is what you want. An ISVA will also provide practical and emotional support and act as an advocate on your behalf in a multi agency context.

Phoenix support group

Phoenix is a confidential, therapeutic support group for female survivors of rape, sexual abuse and sexual assault (whether it has happened recently or in the past). At Phoenix you can meet other women who have had similar experiences and feelings to you, and all of the women at Phoenix are supportive and understanding. We Care!

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Counselling is a free space for you to talk about whatever you choose, and your counsellor will do her best to listen and understand.