How to donate

Rape Crisis (W, C & SB) provides essential support for hundreds of women and each donation, no matter how small, helps us to continue to support women through their journey in any way that we can. 

            It costs ....
to provide a woman with
     one hour of telephone
          or face to face


       It costs......
  to provide 2 hours
   of ISVA support.

Donate to
Rape Crisis (W, C & SBs) and help to support women.....

      It costs....
to provide 2 hours
  of befriending.

        It costs.....
   to run a 3 hour 
   session of our 
  self-help support

         It costs.......
      for an hour of 
  telephone support
     via the helpline.


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Support, counselling and information for women survivors of sexual violence

which includes rape, sexual assault and childhood sexual abuse.


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